Rinat and Elena Kagirovi

The aim of the duo is presenting amazing  physiques and the highestskills that make the duo unique, making it possible to create a circus ofextraordinary beauty! The duo perfom complex tricks easily andelegantly.   The combination of love and tenderness, strength and courage, thatfascinates then enthralls audiences of all countries! For several years they have created wonderful choreographic pieces including the use of Hula-hoops, aerial silks, ribbon, adagio, ring, aerial straps, sphere! They have show 40 min!

Acrobatic feelings

Adagio Romeo and Juliet

Duo Aerial straps

Duo Aerial Silks

Solo straps Michael Jackson

Solo Straps lyric

Hula Hoops

 created in 2002

Very nice and energetic act! Beautiful, bright girl who effortlessly performs complex tricks, showing great plasticity, artistry and unique ease.


Aerial solo Silks

Aerial Ring


In a genre equilibr-Kauchuk began to engage in 6 years. In 2009 graduated from Moscow State College of Circus and Variety Arts (GUTSEI), specializing in gymnastics.  In this issue, it appears as a beautiful gentle girl with ease performing complex tryuki. Pod slow romantic music, it shows the audience a great plasticity and flexibility of his body, the grace, ease and grace of movement. In the arena atmosphere of magic and romance. Charmed by the skill comes in actress ecstatic audience of how limitless human potential.